1. Will we work with any readings you’d like? We would be happy to incorporate any readings you'd like, ranging from scripture to poetry.  You may also choose to have a close friend or relative participate by reading themselves.

2. Is premarital counseling required? Although encouraged, pre marital counseling is not required.

3. Do we have a contract? We do have a very simple contract that we require prior to booking.  The document is required in an effort to protect everyone's interests and provide you with peace of mind. 

4. How long do our ceremonies typically run? The average ceremony lasts no more than 15-20 minutes.  The length can vary greatly, depending on any add ons, such as a sand ceremony, reading of letters, inclusion and acknowledgment of children, etc.

5. Are we flexible with the wording, style, and tempo of our ceremonies? We are absolutely committed to making this a very unique and special event.  This includes customizing the content and order of the ceremony components.

6. Can you write your own vows? You can absolutely write your own vows. I have various options with regards to vows.

7. Can you add in a blessing? We have found that a blessing is an integral part of the ceremony.  This can be a prayer, spiritual passage, poem or a reading prepared by you.

8. If you are pregnant are we comfortable with this? Our goal in providing celebratory services is to remain open minded and non judgemental, focussing on the union of two loving people, so yes, this would not be an issue. 

9. If you have been divorced and are remarrying are we ok with this and do we require you to have special documentation or a dispensation? Again, in the spirit of focussing only on the joyous occassion at hand, nothing will be required, aside from the legal requirements for your state of course.  graph here.